Kelli McCalley.

Hi, I’m Kelli and I have been in the Early Childhood Education field for over 15 years. From the moment I entered into the preschool world I knew that I wanted to help make a difference and lead a team through High Quality Early Childhood Education. In 2010 I accredited my first preschool in Phoenix and I immediately fell in LOVE with the process. I knew that this was my passion and purpose in life. From that moment on, any and all preschools I stepped foot in had to get accredited. It was so important to me that the children, the educators, and the families be exposed to High Quality learning at a young age. 

Over the last 15 years I have been incredibly blessed to climb to the top of an Early Childhood Educational preschool chain starting as an assistant teacher, moving to a preschool director, to becoming a company’s CEO, to mergers and acquisitions, hiring, training and development, managing through a pandemic (COVID), and of course National Accreditation. I have received multiple degrees ranging from an Associates, Bachelors, and a Masters in Education specializing in Early Childhood Education as well as Instructional Leadership. I have had the honor to sit on multiple boards across the state of Arizona to Advocate for Early Childhood Education and the importance it is not only for the children but to the educators teaching them. I have had the ability to partner with the American Heart Association, Diamonds Children’s Hospital, Make-A-Wish Foundation, and volunteer for the Marana Broncos Youth Sports Association. It has brought me extreme gratitude to be able to stand next to such amazing humans and companies over the last 15 years in this industry and to wake up daily and serve my passion and purpose for Early Childhood Education and for my life. 

About Kelli 

"I knew I wanted to help make a difference and lead a team through High Quality Education."


In 2022, I transitioned out of the title “CEO” and decided to pursue my passion and purpose that has fueled my soul since I started childcare in 2007, which is giving ALL children the chance at receiving High Quality Early Childhood Education. There is something about flipping a center from a negative to a positive or taking the center to the next level by becoming a high-quality educational program and that fuels my soul. Especially knowing that your words back up the action and what I mean is, when people ask you about your preschool/childcare, you can say, we are a High Quality Nationally Accredited Preschool. We set the standard for early childhood education and our teachers here are educators and they are setting your children up for the future successes, that really just gives me goose pimples throughout my body. And now I have the opportunity to give back to the community and the nation by helping childcare directors and owners like you become Nationally Accredited so ALL children have access to High Quality Early Childhood Education. ALL children deserve the very best education starting as early as 6 weeks of age and shouldn’t have to experience anything less due to “external circumstances” outside of their control. 

Why Kelli? Because I get it, I have been exactly where you are and I understand YOU and I understand the many different hats that you wear and roles that you play as owners and directors. I have seen both ends of the rainbow and have made the same fast decisions necessary in order to operate on a day-to-day basis, especially post COVID. I have been the teacher in the classroom and the cook at the same time. I have been the van driver and the director of the preschool at the same time, hoping and praying that licensing wouldn’t show up while I gone, but also knowing if they do, I was acting in the best interest of the children in the center. I have seen good days, weeks, and months, and I have seen the darkness, crying under the desk with the door shut, working 12-hour days and asking the universe to please send me an applicant that was able to be left alone so I could give my teachers breaks that week.  . I have stressed out wondering how we were going to make payroll, especially when minimum wages increased year over year and cuts had to be made. 

What I learned on this journey is that I am here to serve you and your preschool, along with the director and teachers that make it great. I am here to guide you, to increase your knowledge on the return of your investment of getting nationally accredited and how that affects your bottom line. I am here to put the work in with you, to be YOUR person for the next 8 months of our lives and to help you make an impact on the lives of the children that you educate every single day. 

When I am not consulting, you can find me reading a book, loving on Jasper and Venus (our two doggies) and spending much needed make up time with my two children Colin and Kyleigh, preferable on a vacation where there is a beach with crystal clear waters or at DISNEYLAND! Chances are you will find me on a basketball court supporting Colin, being a taxi cab driver and loving every minute of it or behind the camera taking photos of Kyles for her IG page.

If you’re ready to set the standard in Early Childhood Education nationwide, let’s join forces and get YOUR preschool/childcare center(s) Nationally Accredited. If you are scared or worried about the lengthy process and all the paperwork that is involved, don’t be. That is what I am for. If you have tried in the past and didn’t quite complete it, it’s okay, I will hand hold you and your team and take ownership to get you where you need to be.

You have invested your time, energy, and money into your preschool/childcare center(s) and now it is time for you to be recognized by your state and national agencies in return.

Let me help you get there. Let me be your hand holder...

you got this!

I’M READY TO start