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Business Growth & Development

Do you LOVE Money? Do You LOVE beating your budget numbers year over year? Because I DO!! What I have learned over the years is that is the shit that sets my soul on fire and I want to help you accomplish that. Ultimate Freedom Owners, that is what this is about.  

Business Growth can be as simple as creating a budget, holding others accountable, finding extra money, adding High Quality programs into your program that will give you the upper hand, & maybe just maybe help recreate your internal cultural. I will work one on one with the owner or directors of your preschool(s) by teaching them how to manage costs in order to increase their ROI. ✨

I.E. Quality First, Accreditation, CACFP, or maybe just a simple restructure of revenue.

National Accreditation 

Let’s all be honest; this is why you stopped by. Let US get you and YOUR team National Accredited. Let US help you maximize your investment on YOUR preschool while giving the children inside your center the Highest Quality Education possible and have some fun while we do it. Like we mentioned before, this is an eight-month process. We will be with you every step of the way. We will become part of your family while we walk you through the entire process and help you build an operational foundation for your school’s future. I mean we are Creating The Future, For You & With You! If your invested, no need to scroll anymore just click the link below to set up an introduction call.

Let’s Get Accredited, Like NOW 

Boost my revenue today!

Mentorship Coaching

On top of National Accreditation we also offer mentorship coaching. Our goal is to help you change your mindset as well as getting your TEAM onboard with the "New" childcare world. If you have been in the industry over the last decade or two or even three, you know that in today's industry its much different to say the least in terms of operations, hiring, enrolling. We are here to mentor you through the "New Era" of ECE.

If you are a new Director or Owner to Early Childhood Education, don't fear WE GOT YOU! We will help navigate you through the "ins and outs" of the industry, including operations, creating culture, and growing your business organically. 

Instructional Leadership Trainings

Who doesn’t LOVE monthly staff meetings??? I can make a few. Actually, I have a whole set that you can use Annually. Let us make your life easy- we offer you monthly trainings for Pennie’s on the dollar. We will send you trainings for the upcoming month. We revise and revisit them annually, and even create PowerPoints for you. it’s just that simple. Let us help you by taking some things off your plate. If you’re interested you can even subscribe monthly and have custom trainings sent to you starting January 2023. For Reals, it’s just that simple.

If you want a certain topic, send us an email and we will even create it for you. 


Childcare is the Workforce behind the Workforce. You are the Workforce behind the Workforce. Your Staff is the Workforce behind the Workforce. 


These are just individuals that have helped me on my journey through Early Childhood Education. *We are not affiliated 

Business Insurance 

What if I told you I may be able to connect you with an insurance agent that can possibly SAVE you money!! What a concept, would you switch over? Not to mention he would give you his time and not push you to the back like these bigger companies because he working with you and for you. It's kinda like finding the gold at the end of the rainbow. You can visit his website at
Listen as I mentioned in the beginning, I’m all about finding money, saving money, and making MONEY!! So, I’m here to share some of my secrets with you. Wink Wink

Childcare Acquisitions & Sells

If you’re looking to sell, I may just be able to find you the right buyers for YOUR legacy~ I may know a person or two. If you’re interested in selling your childcare check out Hinge at

When the purpose is to make that transition not only smooth for you but for your families, children, educators, & partners you are doing business with. Hinge Advisors is there every step of the way

National Accreditation

Business Growth

Instructional Leadership Training 

High Quality Early Childhood Education

Mentorship coaching



"Please continue to help early childhood education and the children of Arizona. By losing income at this time and thinking of the possibility of closing our doors, it would be as if we are losing our family members."

Kelli McCalley
Child Care Provider

Let's Create the Future, For You &

with you.