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It’s time to give back & keep Early Childhood Education front & center in America. 

KyCo Consulting specializes in Early Childhood  Education Nationwide. Our ultimate goal is to help YOU and YOUR team become a High Quality Educational Preschool. Our services consist of National Accreditation, Business Growth and Development, & Instructional Leadership Training. We want to help YOU get Nationally Accredited through Early Learning Leaders while setting the standard for Childcares/Preschools Nationwide! No experience in accreditation, no problem, WE GOT YOU!

KyCo Consulting was an idea that was dreamed up in 2018 by Kelli while she was working for a leading childcare company in Tucson, Arizona. It wasn’t until recently however, that this dream would become a reality and allow her to help hundreds of schools nationwide accomplish their goals. KyCo’s ultimate goal is to give ALL children & childcare business Directors and Owners the resources necessary in order to operate a successful childcare business. If there is a way to increase your revenue, Kelli and her team will find it.  

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Kelli named KyCo after her two children, Kyleigh and Colin. In 2007 she started in the Early Childhood Education industry out of convenience from being a single mother with two young children. Over the years it became evident that this was Kelli’s passion that easily turned into her purpose year over year.

Her purpose is to ensure that every child in the nation has the ability to access High Quality Early Childhood Education starting as young as 6 weeks of age regardless of their parents’ social status. All children nationwide deserve to be given the resources necessary in order to succeed. All educators (childcare employees) deserve to be recognized the same as public K-12th grade teachers. And all childcare directors/ owners deserve to be given the education and resources necessary in order to run a profitable business instead of worrying how they are going to make payroll.

With every school that Kelli accredited her purpose became greater to spread the word on the importance of becoming a National Accredited Program. The need for High Quality Early Childhood Education was becoming more apparent year after year. 

Passion &



During COVID, a major shift happened within Early Childhood Education and our Nation at this time was in need more than ever for childcare providers. After all, “We are the workforce behind the workforce” -Barbie Prinster and that very suddenly became very much known.

As an industry we need to set the bar for excellence. We have to close the learning gap and continue to invest in Our children, Our future. Getting YOUR childcares/preschools National Accredited sets that standard and helps create the Ultimate Purpose in our nation, which is allowing ALL children under kindergarten age to receive High Quality Early Childhood Education.

I mean we're Creating the Future, For You &

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As mentioned above I love me some High Quality Early Childhood Education~ National Accreditation, and I will be with you during the entire process. Let me help you join the other 1300 schools nationwide by getting your program Accredited. This is an 8-month process from start to finish and will award you for 4 years of state subsidized monies because you are recognized as a High-Quality Education Center. Like who wouldn’t want free money?

Don’t fear, that is what I am for, I got this

... and so do you!

*National Accreditation - Signature Service

Maybe deep down you really want to get accredited but you don’t want to do the paperwork and you don’t have the time throughout your day to complete this in the day-to-day whirlwind. 


Self-Study Enrollment
NAC Introduction & Importance
Hand Holding
Documentation Box
Tissues & Hand Holding
Policies & Procedures
Classroom Observations
All The Work For You (Read That Again)
Guideline To Ultimate Passing

What I will do for you over the 8 months :

Children Impacted

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Schools Accredited


The KyCo Impact


Not only will you be setting yourself and your childcare/preschool apart from the rest. You’ll also be benefiting from the subsidizes that your state has set aside for High Quality Early Childhood Education.

Did you know that the states Tier reimbursement rates based on High Quality Early Childhood Education. The Tier reimbursement is anywhere from 20%-50% more per child based solely on your High Quality "Status" & Guess What; National Accreditation is the highest reimbursement paid.

What that means in number terms:
If you are receiving a monthly subsidized payment amount of $20,000.00 now, after you are accredited, you will be receiving a monthly payment amount of $30,000.00 if your state Tier is at 50%. **Keeping in mind you are not participating in Quality First or ranked higher than 2 stars. Now if you are participating in Quality First your Tier is likely lower than 50% based off your star rating so getting National Accredited will still drive higher revenue to your preschool.  That alone is adding $120,000.00 to your bottom line annually by setting the standard in Early Childhood Education & getting Nationally Accredited! *This is based off of the State of Arizona.

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We also offer annual services which include: 

I never imagined I would ever be a director or let alone lead a team of educators through national accreditation. Working under Kelli's leadership and coaching allowed me to grow into the leader I am today. Not only did she coach me and others weekly on calls she was hands on during the accreditation process. She walked me through every step and handled the entire paperwork process, well 95% of it. She helped guide me to understand the purpose behind accreditation and what it meant to our school and children. It was a 6-month process and she made it seem effortlessly for all parties involved.

- Zelenia, Tucson, Arizona

"Working under Kelli's leadership and coaching allowed me to grow into the leader I am today."

I met Kelli in 2011 when she became the director at the preschool I worked at. Right when she started, we received our validation visit window and the co-director didn’t have any of the paperwork done. I remember thinking if she can make it through 2,000 plus pages in one week than she can make for the long haul. Needless to say, Kelli had it all put together in under 4 days. At that point she came up with a system and told me that someday she would just be doing Accreditation for all the schools that wanted her services. Here she is 11 years later implementing what she started over a decade ago. If you get the chance to work with Kelli, take it all in, she will give you 150% of herself and to your organization.

-  Cathy, Phoenix, Arizona

"If you get the chance to work with Kelli, take it all in, she will give you 150% of herself and to your organization."

I had owned my own preschool center for the last 15 years when Kelli called me. I was a single one owner provider in Phoenix. She asked me if I ever considered going through Accreditation and I told her “No, because I didn’t want the headache or go through the paperwork process”. She assured me that she would walk me through it, every step of the way and that is exactly what she did. If it wasn’t for that phone call, I probably would have never taken the action or received the financial benefits of being Nationally Accredited. 

- Beth, Phoenix, Arizona

"If it wasn’t for that phone call, I probably would have never... received the financial benefits of being Nationally Accredited. "